About Us

Colorsvibe enables beauty trade online with the internationally sought brands that are cruelty free and authentic- For a better Vibe!
As a small player in the industry, we have no ambition to compete with the big players. We rather see our site as a showroom for the brands that we carry and are for online shopping with whoever you want and whenever you want. With that said, we would be happy to offer the opportunity to test new brands often found internationally through us and thus allowing the Global market to also be a Local one.

With a wide network of contacts, we have a good starting point to also engage in distribution and trade through dealers by Everdea. Are you a retailer and want to sell any of our brands, please feel free to contact [email protected] and you can also read more about Everdea below. Are you a customer and want to shop by one of our partners instead, so you can find them under Retailers.

About Everdea

Everdea is a small, family run company since 1991 that operates in the beauty industry through the distribution and marketing of internationally demanded brands. Headquartered in Nacka Strand in Stockholm; ColorsVibe.se and colorsvibe.pl conducts e-commerce in northern and eastern Europe. Everdea has valid contracts with all suppliers and takes the issue of quality very seriously. If you wish to get in touch with Everdea, please email [email protected] Alteratively [email protected] if you are a journalist, beauty writer or in other ways engaged in cosmetics.

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